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For Bank of Canada, exports the crucial figure to watch

Stephen Poloz wants to make sure we keep our eye on the right ball when gauging the Canada’s monetary policy direction. His message: Don’t pay too much attention to the current upward pressures on inflation. They won’t matter much unless we get the follow-through on exports and business investment that the Bank of Canada boss has long been waiting for – and for which he has adopted an increasing tone of urgency.


Flaherty's financial-literacy plan revs up

OTTAWA -- The federal government has named its first Financial Literacy Leader, a position aimed at helping Canadians sort out facts from spin on everything from managing credit card debt to choosing the best bank account.


Fed unease may yet shrink biggest U.S. banks

The idea of shrinking the biggest U.S. banks may not be dead yet. The eight largest are adding billions of additional padding while also dealing with new rules on capital and liquidity. Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen still isn’t certain that’s enough. Sure, it’s the Fed’s job to worry. But banking behemoths and their investors are already feeling the pinch.

Daniel Indiviglio