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Home Purchase in 2020 (Amidst and Post COVID-19 Crisis) | What You Need to Know

Posted by  on  20-04-2020

When COVID-19 came around and really hit “home”, best-laid plans of buying homes went out the window.

Stocks have fallen, entire industries are putting themselves on pause, and small businesses are taking hard hits.

Everything is exacerbated by the general uncertainty.

We don’t know what the next few months will bring, whether the crisis will even be over in the next few months. But the economic impact of this pandemic will be far-reaching, affecting the willingness of buyers and agents to view homes, whether sellers pull listings. Many people will have less money and/or they may have less access to it as well.

Ron Butler, the founder of Butler Mortgage, discusses home purchase this year amidst #covid-19 #financialcrisis in this video with Doug Hoyes, co-founder of Hoyes Michalos, a personal insolvency service firm based in Toronto:

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