Construction Mortgage

Get the Right Mortgage For the Right Project

Construction Mortgages

A construction mortgage is generally an “all-in-one” construction loan. If you want to build a custom home or vacation property, can help – from the land acquisition through to construction. We can even convert the amount you borrow into a variety of mortgages.

Qualified borrowers can access Conventional and CMHC/Genworth insured mortgage financing up to 95% of final completion (market value). When you qualify, you can secure financing for acquisition, construction, and a term mortgage (known as exit financing) all at once. From the building process through the term, a construction mortgage rates carries top interest rates and interest-only payments. A construction mortgage is specifically intended to finance the construction of a custom home or vacation property.

We have experience in all areas of construction finance:

  • Initial plans to completion
  • Self-Employed construction financing
  • Construction and rebuild programs
  • Exit (Term) mortgage conversion when property reaches 97% completion

If your bank is not providing the help you deserve with new home construction then let Butler Mortgage provide a construction mortgage that will suit your needs. We have many flexible construction finance options that can get your new build completed with less stress and better drawdowns than a bank offering. Butler Mortgage has the experience to address your specific needs at your own pace.