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VANCOUVER -- Metro Vancouver's hot housing market is scorching when it comes to high-end sales.

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Recently, I pulled into a parking lot in downtown Toronto. Not long ago, it cost ten dollars,...

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Europe's foundering economy sprung new leaks Thursday, turning up the heat on the European...

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Mortgage Rate 2.64%

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Today's Rate Specials

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Term Rate Change
Major Bank Prime Rate
Prime Rate 3.95% ---
Fixed Rates
1-YEAR 2.94% ---
2-YEAR 3.34% ---
3-YEAR 3.19% ---
4-YEAR 3.60% ---
5-YEAR 3.14% ---
7-YEAR 3.77% ---
10-YEAR 3.97% ---
Variable Rates
1-YEAR 5.75% -0.25%
3-YEAR 2.80% ---
5-YEAR 2.64% ---
LINE OF CREDIT 4.45% -0.15%
PRIME RATE 1.75% ---
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