Butler Mortgage

With our referral program WE PAY YOU to pass on the word of low interest rates at


How It Works:

Make sure those persons that you refer to our company indicates that you are the one that referred them to us. The money part of referral program works like this: once the mortgage closes we will calculate 10% of the NET commission earnings from the completion of the mortgage, that is the net amount our company earns after the deduction of incentives we provide the new client that would include any rebate to the borrower such as: cash, appraisal fees or legal fees. For example a $400K mortgage may provide a $1600.00 commission and after we have rebated the borrower $345.00 for the cost of their appraisal our net commission would be $1255.00. 10% of $1255.00 would be $125.50 as a referral bonus. If the mortgage is very large the ultimate amount of referral bonus is capped at $1000.00

The referral bonus we provide never comes from the client being charged a fee.