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Property Taxes Going Up: Our Cities Will Keep Inflation Running Hot!

Posted by  on  11-01-2023

A round of Ontario Municipal Property Tax increases are underway that ALL look to be higher than the Core Inflation number the Bank of Canada is trying to suppress.

Are you starting to feel utterly screwed? What the Heck is happening here? Don’t Governments have some responsibility to battle cost increases? Nothing is as basic a cost as Tax.

Don’t get me wrong Property Taxes should go up and Development charges go down But THIS YEAR?? The year of fighting Inflation? Mississauga 10%, Vaughan maybe 20%, Huge increases!

Best wishes to a Condo Rental Owner with a Variable Rate Mortgage, property tax jumps and rising Condo Maintenance Fees and 2022 already cash flow negative. Isn’t being a Landlord wonderful?

– Ron Butler

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